Welcome, this web site is dedicated to the men who served in the Blue Ghosts, a United States Army air cavalry troop that served with distinction in the Vietnam War from October 5, 1967 to February 26. 1973.
      This troop was organized at Fort Knox, Kentucky in 1967 as C Troop 7/17th Air Cavalry and was redesignated F Troop 8th Cavalry in April 1968, a seperate air cavalry troop, retaining the Blue Ghost call sign and logo.
       This image of the Blue Ghost flag was taken in the summer of 1968 at the Ky Ha heliport in Chu Lai, Republic of Vietnam on the coast of the South China Sea.
      This legendary Air Cavalry Troop began combat operations in and around Pleiku in the Central Highlands of Vietnam in October 1967 and in November of the same year was detached from it's parent squadron and moved north to the newly formed Americal Division (23rd Infantry) in Chu Lai and continued service until 1973 when it was one of the last American combat units to leave the Republic of Vietnam.
      This combat unit served 1,870 days of continuous combat duty in the Vietnam War. By comparison the war against Japan lasted 1,340 days from Pearl Harbor to VJ day and the elapsed time from the invasion of Normandy on D-day until the surrender of Germany was 336 days.
      While operating as C Troop 7/17th Air Cavalry, this combat unit was awarded the United States Army Presidential Unit Citation for extraordinary heroism in action during the Tet Offensive in February and March 1968. After re-designation to F Troop 8th Cavalry, the unit was twice awarded the Valorous Unit Award for heroism and received four awards of the Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm Unit Citation for valorous combat achievement.  Member of  the troop during these periods of time were designated and authorized to wear these prestigious citations.
      Individual awards for gallantry and intrepidity in combat action for the over one thousand men who served in the troop during five and one half  years of continous combat duty are exceedingly numerous.
       This web site along with it's companion web site on MSN is intended as an extension to the already existing  Blue Ghost sites.  Those sites have provided for association membership, rosters, memorials, reunion information and the means to obtain various Blue Ghost logos and paraphernalia, all of which are commendable.  However, written historical input to those sites for publication in no longer available, therefore an additional site, easily accessible, is needed.
       This site will focus on the history of this unique unit in the Vietnam War and attempt to further document its combat operations and events.
       Since this unit no longer exists and will probably never exist again, it is important that an accurate account of events be recorded.  This can be done via writings of  first hand accounts and recollections, copies of reports, citations for awards, orders and photographic images.
       The articles and first hand accounts written by Blue Ghosts that I have read  are well written and serve as good historical accounts.  Most of you are very good writers, much better than you realize.  Good writing is an indication of clarity of thought and in the past thirty years you have though a lot about your experiences in Vietnam. On the other hand, there are some fictional narratives, presented in a novelistic style, that purport to be recollections of Blue Ghost events that, although are interesting reading, contribute little to the factual history of the Blue Ghost Air Cavalry.  There are plenty of real life, fatually accurate first hand accounts that can be published without resorting to fiction.
       Accordingly, all Blue Ghost veterans are invited to submit first hand accounts and recollections for publication on this site.  All submissions regardless of length or subject will be posted.  Political correctness is not applicable here.  What every man did in the troop is equally important.  Everyone had a specfic job to do and the fact that everyone did their job day after day resulted in the remarkable record of this combat unit.
       If  you would like to write about your time in the Blue Ghost  troop or a specific event, use the contact information to e-mail. Do not be concerned about format, spelling, grammar or usage, your writings will be made presentable without altering meaning or intent. Once posted it will not be disturbed nor summarily deleted as some sites have done. No story is too long, too short nor insignificant.
      Also solicited are photographs, copies of orders, individual awards and any other memorabilia that you deem significant and want to display.  Citations for awards are especially valuable as thay are self- authenticating documents and give an accurate account of an event.
       Click on the links below to see articles that were written a while back about the Blue Ghosts.  These articles are about the time period 1967-68 and I think that they are factually correct.  As memory permits I will write more.  Your comments are welcome and your input will be valuable since I can only write about the time when I was there.
Bill Hatch
Blue Ghosts 1967-68
Note: Web site under construction
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